About US

Ohw Studios is led by a specialized professionals of one seat and gt simulators developers.

Our Clients & Partners

Well known companies trust in our work.


Our Goal

Ohw Studios will give your company, team or drivers to reach the top with our products.

  • Hardware

    Ohw Studios bring you the best and top hardware quality for One Seat and GT simulators.

    • Professional simulators for Motorsport teams
    • Experienced on Hexapod Motion Simulators, XPI, Ethercat, Scramnet, SCANeE Studios by Oktal, Vi-Grade...etc.
    • Statics and Motion simulators.
    • Event simulators, Auto Show or Driving Clubs.
    • Configuration of simulators
  • Tracks

    Ohw Studios has a worldwide database tracks based on Laser Scan and GPS technology

    • Formula 1,WEC, WTCC, BTCC,etc.
    • Formula E Tracks
    • WSR, F3, F4 and MSA Tracks.
    • GT, GT2, GT3 Series Tracks.
    • Customized tracks from scrach.
  • Cars

    Ohw Studios bring you a worldwide database of classic and modern cars for simulators, with real physics.

    • Cars for professional simulators.
    • Cars for Auto Show and Car presentations
    • Customized cars and livery
  • Features

    Ohw Studios is engaged to a lot of Motorsport teams, allowed us to have a huge experience regarding driving training tools.

    • Real Time Telemetry
    • New Tehcnology Tools.
    • Advanced physics tools.

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  • Ohw Studios SL
  • Plaza de la solidaridad 12, 5º Planta
  • 29002 Malaga, Spain

Contact Details

  • PHONE (+34) 952 14 96 30
  • EMAIL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Facebook: @ohw studios
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    Onbroad Simulator - Spa Video

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